If you have ever ridden a bicycle you would have realized that after excessive pedaling, you might get tired. For this reason, electric bikes were introduced in the markets a couple of years ago. An electric bike works on the same principle as a normal bike does other than the fact that an electric bike doesn’t require a pedal since the entire power is coming from the battery.

If you are also interested in having a good electric bike for commuting purposes, then you should look at the Best Electric Road Bikes of 2018. The list contains some of the best bikes as per customer reviews, sales, and performance.

ProdecoTech Phantom 400 V6 Electric Bicycle Review



  • Battery resistant to weather extremes
  • Simple start with twist throttle
  • Durable, sturdy tires
  • Responsive handlebars improving control
  • Durable frame, made to last


  • Seat could be softer

The ProdecoTech Phantom electric bike has been mentioned at various other lists at our website as well since this is one of the best bikes for travelling. It comes with a high-quality Samsung Rack 36V 10.4Ah Lithium Ion battery that can run at the maximum of 30 miles on a full charge. 700C x 45mm tires are a part of this bike.

With a twist throttle, you don’t need to put in any effort in starting or running the bike. The pTech 400W Rear Direct Hub Motor can run at good rate and lasts for long as well.

ProdecoTech Phantom X3 V5 36V500W 8 Speed Electric Bicycle Review



  • Max speed to 20 mph
  • Up to 30 miles on a single charge
  • Improved comfort with RockShox Recon Suspension Fork
  • Durable Continental Traffic tires
  • Affordable


  • Heavier than most

Another great bike by ProdecoTech is this one which has 8 gears that assist you at both uphill and downhill. The Phantom X3 has an HT 500W Direct Drive Motor which helps in pushing the maximum speed at 20 miles per hour.

The 36V 11.6Ah Samsung Cell Battery can cover the distance of 30 miles and that means you can use it for almost an hour and a half at full speed. The best thing is that you won’t feel any shocks because of the RockShox Recon Suspension Fork.

Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike Review



  • Great design and build quality
  • Durable and strong frame
  • Comfortable
  • Great charging time
  • Good speed


  • Expensive

Not all electric road bikes come with an LCD console that display the trip data but this one does. It is built to last for a long period of time. Being crafted out of industrial grade aluminum, the Pedego City Commuter is a strong one and you will have years spent on it.

Choose between 7 speeds with the Shimano 7-speed gearing system. The motor’s powered by a Samsung 48V / 15Ah lithium-ion battery that charges for a reasonable time of 4.5 hours.

EVELO Aurora Electric Bike with NuVinci N360 Drivetrain Review



  • Powerful 250-watt motor does a great job climbing hills
  • Good absorption with front suspension
  • Feature rich with pedal assist and throttle control
  • Intuitive LCD monitor
  • Soft, comfortable seat


  • Not fully assembled
  • Not recommended for heavier riders

One of the best electric road bikes in our list is the EVELO Aurora one since it comes with added safety features which were not present in the bikes mentioned above. It comes with both back and front lights both of which assist you in the dark. Also, there is an attractive speedometer.

With dual disc brakes, safety gets even better. With a mid-drive motor and the NuVinci N360 transmission technology, hill climbing is easier than ever before. The maximum charging time for this bike is somewhere between 4 and 6 hours.

E-Glide SS Electric Bicycle Review



  • Battery is removable and locks
  • Simple to use thumb throttle
  • High quality LCD console
  • High quality parts including Shimano Mechanical Disc and Tektro Rotor
  • Hub motor that freely spins


  • Not foldable

With a high-quality aluminum frame, the E-Glide SS electric road bike is yet another strong bike in our list. It is light in its weight, long-lasting, and can be used on both plain and rugged landscapes. The maximum speed without pedal assist is 20 miles per hour whereas with pedal assist it rises to 50 miles per hour.

The frame is great in its design as it is matt black in the color. The saddle has been made by one of the best saddle producing companies of the world which is why it is soft. You can have a long ride in a comfortable manner.

EVELO Aurora Electric Bike with NuVinci N380 Drivetrain Review



  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • High quality NuVinci N380 Transmission
  • Lightweight
  • Durable aluminum frame


  • Not recommended for women riders
  • Comparatively xpensive

EVELO has this amazing electric road bike for all the users who are interested in going uphill, rugged areas, as well as recreational purposes. Ultimately, it becomes a greatly diversified bike. There is a soft seat which helps the users on the longer journeys as well.

EVELO is so sure on their seat that they promise to refund 40 dollars if you find a softer seat in the market. 500W mid drive, supercharged motor is a part of this bike which helps in getting the bike to a good speed even on a low RPM.

Pedego Ridge Rider Electric Bike Review



  • Intuitive console
  • Great max mileage
  • Comfortable
  • Improved rider control
  • Durable, strong build quality


  • Expensive
  • Longer battery charging times

Pedego has this amazing rider electric bike which comes with a supercharged motor. You will find that this bike requires least pedaling on your part. Ultimately, you will not feel unnecessarily fatigue. It can run on a 20 mile per hour speed without any user assist and that seems to be fine.

The overall weight of the Pedego Ridge Rider is 55 pounds which is fine enough. The braking system and suspensions are also great since you have disc brakes and fork suspension that help in extreme situations or rugged landscapes.

Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power plus Alloy Frame White/Red eBike Review



  • Improved speed with brushless 250-watt motor
  • Padded seat improves comfort
  • Suitable for teens and adults
  • Lightweight
  • Can handle off-road cycling


  • Higher end price

This is yet another electric road bike which requires none of your effort to get to a maximum of 15.5 miles per hour. Seems like a low speed but keep in mind that this bike has been made for the young riders which means that this speed is completely fine.

With the help of 36V 10.4AH lithium battery, the Cyclamatic CX3 Pro Power effortlessly speeds up and you can enjoy the range of up to 37 miles. With a 21-speed gearing system, this bike can help the rider in going uphill or downhill both in an easy way.

E-Glide SS Plus Electric Bicycle Review



  • Single speed model
  • Minimalist, aesthetically appealing design
  • Lightweight
  • Pedal assist with 3 modes
  • High quality German engineered tires


  • Difficult for beginners
  • Not folding model

The E-Glide SS Plus electric bike is a great one because it comes with a strong frame which is quite necessary for a great biking experience. However, the best thing is that this frame is lightweight as well which means you can transport this bike anywhere.

Keep in mind that it is not foldable. Basically, it has been made for beginners and this bike can conveniently power the bike up to 20 mph within a few seconds. It comes with a 350/700-Watt Brushless Geared Hub Motor.

Onway 6 Speed 700C Man City Electric Bicycle Review



  • Modern, stylish look
  • Durable, but lightweight
  • Portable
  • Space saving design
  • Smooth ride


  • Not very fast

Last but not the least we have this amazing bike by Onway. Users who purchased this bike were quite satisfied since this bike became their partner in ride for couple of years. The bike has been made from 700C aluminum 6061 alloy material which is quite lightweight as well as strong.

The maximum user weight should be equal to or less than 275 pounds. It comes with a front TEKTRO disc brake, rear APSE V brake. It has a total number of 6 gears which can be used for different purposes while riding. The display console supplies all the necessary information along with a 3-level assist and an LED mode


In conclusion, the Best Electric Road Bikes of 2018 will be actually helpful in commuting and you will be able to have the least fatigue while going from location to location. The list has been carefully designed after analyzing on different aspects of several bikes. We hope that you get to have a great experience with this bike and you enjoy the most. Get them from amazon.com right away.