Having a normal electric bike can be good for day to day commuting purposes. it allows you to easily pedal a bit while the motor also provides the rider with some sort of power. With that being said, electric bikes are of a good use to the rider who needs to use it every day for travelling. However, it is best for those who want to have race on a rugged terrain.

The main reason for this is that everyday users can easily pedal on their own, but the real problem is for riders who are going uphill or on a rugged terrain because that is the time when pedaling is the most difficult. There are several amazing electric bikes which have been mentioned in the review below of the Top 10 Electric Mountain Bikes of 2018.

ProdecoTech Phantom X3 V5 36V500W 8 Speed Electric Bicycle Review



  • Can reach max speeds to 20 mph
  • Gets up to 30 miles on one charge
  • Great comfort with RockShox Recon Suspension Fork
  • Continental Traffic more durable than most
  • Includes rack for added storage


  • Heavy

One of the best bikes by ProdecoTech is this bike which comes with HT 500W Direct Drive Motor that helps in driving this bicycle on a good speed. The top speed is 20 miles per hour which is fine. The size is 26 inches for the tires which may seem to be fine.

The ProdecoTech Phantom X3 V5 comes with a 36V 11.6Ah Samsung Cell Battery which can cover up to a maximum of 30 miles per charge. RockShox Recon Suspension Fork is helpful when it comes to resisting different types of shocks.

Cyrusher Fat Tire 500W 48V Electric Mountain Bike Review



  • Dual disc brakes and full suspension
  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes 90% pre-assembled
  • Max speeds to 25 mph and max distance of 35 miles


  • Comparatively expensive

Another great electric mountain bike in our list is the Cyrusher Fat Tire 500-watt electric mountain bike. The best part is that this bike has extra fat tires which help in improving the road grip and making your trip even safer. There are three different types of modes which include pure electric riding without pedaling, pedaling with power assistance and pure riding with power off.

500-watt electric motor is a part of this bike which help in running it to a maximum of 25 miles per hour. That is a great speed for such a bike. However, it is somewhat expensive than other brands as well.

Addmotor 2016 XIMA 1000W Electric Bike Review



  • Attractive, sporty design
  • Plenty of color models to chose from
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Efficient and comfortable ride


  • Could have more speed gears

This is another great bike in our list which comes in multiple colors so that the user can get one according to his own requirements. The colors are Orange/Black/Green/White. Unlike other bikes, it comes with a 1000W rear hub motor that help the user in reaching at a good point.

The 2016 Addmotor Xima electric mountain bike has been crafted out of strong quality material which is why the maximum user weight has been set to 300 pounds. The SR Suntour Xcm 100mm aluminum suspension is a part of this bike which helps in getting the rider to great heights without any major shocks.

Pedego Ridge Rider Electric Bike Review



  • Eco-friendly
  • Intuitive speed assist
  • Great max distance on a single charge
  • Efficient and comfortable
  • Intuitive console with great features


  • Expensive
  • Long charging time

Another great one for the mountain lovers is the Pedego Ridge Rider e-bike which has received a 9 out of 10 rating from us. Running on a 500-watt motor, this electric bike can reach places with its amazing speed of 20 miles per hour. However, that isn’t the best thing.

The best thing is the fact that it can be used for 40 miles on one single charge and that is a great amount of distance. The bike’s equipped with an LCD console display with a 6-level assist and a variety of info feeds.

Cyrusher XF700 Folding Electric Bike 26-Inch Mountain Bicycle Review



  • Sporty look
  • Portable, folding design
  • Hidden 250-watt battery
  • LCD console shows battery power
  • Battery powered and pedal assist option


  • Heavy when comparing folding e-bikes

One of the best bikes is the XF700 because unlike other bikes, it is foldable. This means that you can easily carry it anywhere and it won’t be causing you any sort of problems. The frame is aluminum based which is durable and can be running for a long period of time.

The weight of this bike is 50 pounds and that seems enough for this bike. Dual-suspension makes shocks almost impossible for the user to bear so you always have a smooth ride even when riding uphill or on a rugged terrain.

Vilano Proton 26-Inch Electric Folding Mountain Bike Review



  • Appealing, sporty design
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet, efficient motor
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Variable speeds


  • No cargo rack

We call the Vilano Proton folding mountain e-bike an amazing choice since it comes with an efficient battery that charges in a low time frame of 4 hours. A full charge can assist you in riding a maximum of 30 miles which is enough. The tire size is big which means that your bike can pass the hurdles without having any major problems throughout.

7 different types of speed levels are present which is why users prefer this bike. A wrist Grip shifter is included in this bike so that you can ride on hills easily. Mechanical disc brakes are present which add up to the safety levels of the rider.

E-Glide SS Drop Frame Plus Electric Bicycle Review



  • Strong rack holds up to 55 pounds
  • Improved comfort with padded seat
  • Wireless speedometer
  • Great max distance and speed
  • Improved handling and control with German Marathon Plus tire


  • Mudguards get in the way
  • Tires are not puncture resistant

A thumb throttle is one of the best inventions since it doesn’t require the rider to give the bike any push at all. Simply twist the throttle and the bike shall start moving itself. The throttle allows you to select different types of power levels and it can touch the power levels at a maximum of 20 miles per hour on automatic.

The 6061 Aluminum Alloy has been used to craft this which is why it is light in its weight and durable for a long time as well. The E-Glide SS Drop e-bike has become a resounding top-seller on Amazon and boasts all-positive consumer reviews.

Addmotor MOTAN Power Plus Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Review



  • Simple to assemble
  • Powerful motor
  • Appealing design
  • Efficient battery
  • Strong, durable build quality


  • Uncomfortable for short riders

The Addmotor MOTAN Power Plus is known for the speed which is 22 miles per hour. This is somewhat slightly better than others. Other than that, 48V removable Samsung lithium-ion battery is also a part of this bike which is why it can cover almost 50 miles on one single charge.

The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds and that is fine enough as well. It also has an efficient LCD display, with night mode for visibility in the night. US Standard DC Smart Charger is used to charge the battery in a much energy saving manner.

Magnum UI5 Electric Hybrid Commuter City Bike Review



  • Durable
  • Silent motor
  • Smooth, comfortable ride
  • Aesthetic, modern design
  • Good max mileage


  • Average speeds
  • Expensive

Being another environment friendly bike, this is a great bike when commuting within city. It can be used on mountainous terrains but not on rugged terrains. The bike’s frame is made from the durable Aluminum 6061 and only weighs 5 pounds

It is fine when it comes to quality and that is apparent from the fact that it can be used by anyone who weighs near or less than 265 pounds. Shimano Tourney 7 speed gear system has been used in this Magnum electric mountain bike.

Magnum MI5 350W Electric Mountain Bicycle Review



  • Can handle off road and mountain rides
  • Comfortable
  • Efficient and fast
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly


  • Longer charge times
  • Expensive

Last but not the least we have another electric mountain bike from Magnum which seems to have a small motor which is only of 350-watts. However, the shocking part is the fact that this bike can reach speeds of 22 mph with a 36 V battery, which works up to 40 miles on a single charge.

The overall weight of the Magnum MI5 is slightly higher and that is 75 pounds. Still, the users who purchased it were happy with their purchase and stated the price was more than worth it.


There are different types of electric mountain bikes but the best ones are mentioned above. There are some amazing and useful features of these bikes which have been mentioned. Consider these bikes on the bases of their price and other features and make your decision from the Top 10 Electric Mountain Bikes of 2018. We hope that you have a great experience with these bikes. Get them from amazon.com right away.