Peter Hunt, e-bike specialist at Halfords, says, “If you are investing in an e-bike for regular use, spending a little more can make a real difference.” Electric bikes or E-Bikes are the most portable and comfortable commuters that have gained popularity since their invention in 1897.

Companies that manufacture electric-bikes have been innovative with their work to produce different electric bikes for specific types of outdoor activities according to the varying age, requirements, and needs of the consumer. 

E-bikes almost have the features akin to conventional bikes and standard motorcycles. The only difference lies in that the e-bikes offer the best of both bikes owing to its efficiency and ability to deliver more than what’s expected from it. Of course, there exist some disadvantages of e-bikes, just like every other vehicle in the industry. Fortunately, the pros of these electric-bikes outweigh the cons.

Cost factors of e-bikes

As a buyer, you need to be critical and extremely analytical while you are purchasing an e-bike because it is a matter of losing your pockets. Get to know every little detail and identify what you want and need. Multiple factors make an e-bike’s price expensive, cheap, or moderately affordable. Some of them are power, brand popularity, its appearance and design, how user-friendly it is, its core purpose (e.g.: either it’s a mountain bike or a road bike), components of the e-bike, and the accessories of the e-bike. 

Pedelec and Twist-n-Go are the two types of drive systems in electric bikes. Each of them possesses their own perks. A pedelec is the most common system that helps the biker by adding power to the pedals for the swift ride. Contrary to it, Twist-n-Go is another type of drive system. It enables the rider to switch the e-bike into a full motorcycle mode. These play a significant role in determining the cost of an electric bike as they dictate how smooth and powerful your riding will be.

Batteries are another determinant for contributing to the cost of electric bikes. Depending on the type of e-bike you’re planning to buy, and how much power it possesses, you can find good batteries. The better a battery timing and battery power are more costly it would be. 

Materials that are used to manufacture an electric bike determines the lifespan and durability of the e-bike. If the materials used in the construction of an electric bike are sturdy, tensile, robust and yet offers a lightweight bike then pretty sure it is costly but better to spend money for long term use. 

There are cheaper options as well. Unfortunately, the more affordable e-bike’s materials will cost you more money because the materials used to build the frame are of poor quality, breakable and more substantial, giving a shorter lifespan compared to an expensive e-bike. Thus it will add up to the maintenance cost of the bike. 

Components are equally significant as well because they will perform under your command for the e-bike. They will command the bike to operate to give the riders a comfortable ride. The more the components of an e-bike, better the working output of electric bikes but of course it’ll be expensive. The fundamental elements include the battery, secondary components include the throttle, electric bakes, and the monitoring display. 

Add-ons or the bike accessories are another additional but a minor factor to purchase an e-bike. Different brands of electric bikes offer various accessories; the most common of them are the bottle holders, USB port, rack, lever set. The secondary most add-ons are the charger, waterproof trunk, and tail lights.  

How much does an electric bike cost?


There exists a vast spectrum of the e-bikes. This compact yet a swift vehicle is very diverse in its nature as it is available in multiple forms including, Cargo Hauling, Relaxed Cruising, Trail Riding, Mountain Biking, Downhill, Neighborhood Use, Kid Hauling and Grocery Getting, Road Bike, Sand and Snow (Fat Tire), Tandem, Touring or Trekking, Traveling (Folding) and Urban Commuting.

Such versatility in the e-bikes gives an impression as if there is a bike purposely built for all activities and every occasion. Some have tiny wheels and are designed to comfortably carry onto trains and buses and even in airplanes if the battery is under 300 watt while other models are akin to mopeds or motorcycles with 100+ mile range capability and regenerative braking.

Each type of e-bike comes with distinct price tags, depending on the specifications and features they are offering to the riders.

Here are cost of electric bikes:

ADULTS $100$400$1000+
TEENS $50 – $100$150 – $300$500+
KIDS $50 – $100 $100 – $200 $500+
$200 – $300$400 – $800$1000+