Electric bikes managed to reinvent one of the greatest pastimes with a touch of modern technology. One of the newest trends in outdoor entertainment have brought back one of the most basic forms of exercise and modes of transportation have become much more efficient with the addition of a motor which gives new meaning to bicycle propulsion.

The days are long gone where getting from point A to point B on a bicycle means peddling your way as e-bikes provide you a pedal assist option. This gives you the same great cardiovascular benefits of a traditional bike which include improving your aerobic and fitness capacity.

When you break electric bikes down, they’ve quickly become a comparable mode of transportation with cars moving around town at an average speed of 15 mph compared to 18 mph which is the average speed of a car through town.

The following review details the Top 20 Electric Bikes of 2019 and breaks down all the reasons why.

Image Title Price Power Max Speed Foldable Tires Load Capacity Charge Time Weight Range Warranty Rating Check Best Price
1. ELBY ELECTRIC BIKE1. ELBY ELECTRIC BIKE Above $1500 500W 28 mph NOT 26 inch 280 lbs 4 hrs 54 lbs 80 mi 24 mo 10 Buy Now!
2.WALLKE 26” FAT TIRE FOLDING POWERFUL E-BIKE2.WALLKE 26” FAT TIRE FOLDING POWERFUL E-BIKE Above $1500 750W 25 mph FOLDS 26 inch 300 lbs 5-7 hrs 53 lbs 30-35 mi 10 mo 10 Buy Now!
3. CIVI BIKES 20″ COMMUTER CARGO E-BIKE3. CIVI BIKES 20″ COMMUTER CARGO E-BIKE $1000 - $1500 500W 25 mph NOT 20 inch 310 lbs 4-6 hrs 50 lbs 50 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
4. DJBIKES MOUNTAIN ELECTRIC BIKE4. DJBIKES MOUNTAIN ELECTRIC BIKE $1000 - $1500 750W 25 mph NOT 26 inch 250 lbs 4-6 hrs 57 lbs 30-40 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
5. DJ FOLDING BIKE 750W POWER ELECTRIC BICYCLE5. DJ FOLDING BIKE 750W POWER ELECTRIC BICYCLE $1000 - $1500 750W 20 mph FOLDS 20 inch 220 lbs 4-6 hrs 57 lbs 25-37 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
6. X-TREME MALIBU ELITE MAX 26” E-BIKE6. X-TREME MALIBU ELITE MAX 26” E-BIKE $1000 - $1500 350W 20 mph NOT 26 inch 300 lbs 4-6 hrs 57 lbs 30 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
7. KEMANNER 26” FOLDABLE ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE7. KEMANNER 26” FOLDABLE ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE Under $750 250W 15-21 mph FOLDS 26 inch 350 lbs 4-6 hrs 44 lbs 43 mi - 10 Buy Now!
8. ECOTRIC FAT TIRE ELECTRIC BIKE8. ECOTRIC FAT TIRE ELECTRIC BIKE $750 - $1000 500W 23 mph NOT 26 inch 330 lbs 5-8 hrs 55 lbs 18-33.5 mi 24 mo 10 Buy Now!
9. ECOTRIC 20″ NEW FAT TIRE FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE9. ECOTRIC 20″ NEW FAT TIRE FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE $750 - $1000 500W 20 mph FOLDS 20 inch 220 lbs 6-8 hrs 55 lbs 18-23 mi 24 mo 10 Buy Now!
10. NAKTO 26″ ELECTRIC BICYCLE10. NAKTO 26″ ELECTRIC BICYCLE Under $750 250W 25-30 mph NOT 26 inch 250 lbs 4-6 hrs 76 lbs 22-28 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
11. RATTAN 26″ ALUMINIUM ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE11. RATTAN 26″ ALUMINIUM ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE $750 - $1000 350W 19.8 mph NOT 26 inch 400 lbs 4-6 hrs 52 lbs 38-50 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
12. SWAGTRON SWAGCYCLE EB-712. SWAGTRON SWAGCYCLE EB-7 Under $750 250W 19 mph FOLDS 16 inch 264 lbs 3-4 hrs 37 lbs 15.5 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
13. ECOTRIC ALUMINIUM FRAME 14” FOLDING CITY E-BIKE13. ECOTRIC ALUMINIUM FRAME 14” FOLDING CITY E-BIKE Under $750 250W 17.4 mph FOLDS 14 inch 220 lbs 4-6 hrs 40 lbs 15-28 mi 24 mo 10 Buy Now!
14. ANCHEER FOLDING ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE14. ANCHEER FOLDING ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE Under $750 250W 15.5 mph FOLDS 26 inch 340 lbs 4-6 hrs 55 lbs 15-30 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
15. ANCHEER FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE15. ANCHEER FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE Under $750 250W 15 mph FOLDS 20 inch 330 lbs 4-6 hrs 50 lbs 15-30 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
16. ANCHEER POWER PLUS ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE16. ANCHEER POWER PLUS ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE Under $750 250W 15.5 mph NOT 26 inch 330 lbs 4-6 hrs 50 lbs 15-30 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
17. ACESHIN 26” ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE17. ACESHIN 26” ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE Under $750 250W 15-18 mph NOT 26 inch 330 lbs 4-6 hrs 24 lbs 15.5 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
18. NAKTO 26″ CITY ADULT ELECTRIC BICYCLE18. NAKTO 26″ CITY ADULT ELECTRIC BICYCLE Under $750 250W 22 mph NOT 26 inch 250 lbs 3-6 hrs 70 lbs 22-28 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!
19. Rattan Reibok 7 Speed 2619. Rattan Reibok 7 Speed 26 Under $750 350W 20 mph NOT 26 inch 330 lbs 4-5 hrs 52 lbs 25-30 mi 12 mo 10 Buy Now!

1. Elby Electric Bike


  • The integrated control functions provide the rider with a wide variety of information
  • The longest range value of the industry (80 miles with a single charge)
  • Charges in 4 hours only
  • Have hydraulic brakes 
  • The warranty period of 2 years
  • Standard size tires of 26 inch


  • Expensive (above $1500)
  • Not foldable

The Li-Ion cell battery can travel up to 80 miles in no time. A maximum of 4 hours charging time is required to charge this battery. The vibrant and lively black, blue, orange, white and silver colours are truly irresistible for energetic individuals.

The Specs North American engineered 500W rear hub motor offers a fast riding experience to feel the freedom deeply. The traditional crossbar design with aluminium tubing is responsible for a low centre of gravity for a more controlled and comfortable ride.

The ergonomic handlebar renders a comfortable ride while reducing the stress on hands and wrists. Supernova rear light is installed for additional visibility and safety.

It is equipped with 4 levels of pedal assist and 4 levels of regeneration, throttle. It owns a 9-speed or single speed options. The speeds are adjustable with local state and provincial speed laws.

You’ll surely feel like a fast and furious rider with an e-bike like this one.

2. Wallke 26” Fat Tire Folding Powerful E-Bike

Wallke 26” Fat Tire Folding Powerful E-Bike

  • Equipped with double disk hydraulic brakes
  • Owns a Samsung Li-ion battery 
  • It’s a foldable bike
  • Has a color screen display 
  • Comes with a USB port 
  • Equipped with waterproof plug cables
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Installed with dial accelerator
  • For riders ease has an LED light button 
  • Fortunately, has 8-speed adjustments  
  • Has a shock-absorbing scale display 
  • Has aluminum folding foot pedal
  • Owns a silicon seat for anti-resistant 
  • Has a transmission protection frame


  • Each spare part of the e-bike has different warranty time 
  • Available only in one color

This electric bike is equipped with 750W of brushless motor which offers the maximum speed of 24.8mph. The 48V14Ah Samsung Lithium ion battery takes 5-7 hours to charge completely. 

The Walkie aluminium bike uses three levels of speed. By using level 1 the electric speed is about 12.8MPH and the cruising range is about 50-55 miles. By using level 2 the electric speed is about 17.5MPH and the cruising range is about 40-45 miles. Whereas, by using level 3 the electric riding speed is about 24.8MPH and cruising range is about 30-35 miles.

It has a tensile body made with all-aluminum alloy, including foldable pedals, cranks, leather handles, silicone seats for a great riding experience. Moreover, it is installed with a color screen display. The high-end large color LCD screen of this e-bike allows you to clearly see the remaining energy, as well as the distance traveled. The dashboard has a USB port to charge mobile devices.

3. CIVI BIKES 20″ Commuter Cargo E-Bike

CIVI BIKES 20 inch Commuter Cargo E-Bike

  • Highly portable
  • Equipped with seven speed gears
  • Comes with a charging and USB port
  • Lightweight bike
  • Equipped with a durable aluminium frame
  • Owns required accessories including front basket, rear rack, fenders, cup holder nd water bottle cage
  • Comes with free shipping service
  • Have a maximum load capacity of 310 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Owns a Samsung Li-ion battery


  • Not a foldable bike
  • Available only in one color
  • Does not have a high speed in such a price tag

This electric bicycle is perfect for riding the grocery store and supermarket for domestic shopping and carrying things. Thanks to the rear rack bigger basket and booster seat for making it possible. The well-built basket can bear up to 60 lbs of weight. 

Civi ebike is a mini commuter that is equipped with 500W high torque brushless motor, with a top speed of 25 MPH. The Shimano-7-speed gear lets you choose any speed to enjoy your journey. Moreover, Tektro brakes ensure the protection of the rider.

It is equipped with 14.5AH of removable Samsung lithium-ion battery, USB charging port, front basket, rear rack, rear, and front fenders, cup holder, and water bottle cage mount. Despite such accessories, it is a lightweight e-bike that can make you ride up to 50 miles range. The max load capacity of the Civi e-bike is 310 pounds.

4. DJBIKES 750W Mountain Electric Bike


  • Stainless aluminium frame
  • Has a maximum speed of 25 mph
  • LG Li-Ion battery
  • Covers the maximum distance of 30-40 miles
  • 750 W highest motor power
  • Covers 30-40 miles range


  • Not a foldable e-bike
  • Heavy e-bike with 57 lbs weight
  • Has 250 lbs load capacity. It can be improved
  • Expensive ($1000+)

The high-quality and durable material of DJ Mountain Bike gives a tough competition to the rest of the e-bikes. It is powerful, quiet, and easy enough to use on rough surfaces.

It encompasses an integrated front headlight and suspension to absorb shocks. The powerful 48 V LG battery makes it a super powerful and long-lasting e-bike in terms of its battery life. It can be charged anywhere on the go. The charger has a safety design to prevent overcharging.

Though it’s not a foldable electric bike, it can cover the maximum distance of 30-40 miles with the highest power of 750W. Thus, the battery life makes it capable of riding the e-bike on steep hills.

5. DJ Folding Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle


  • One year warranty
  • Meant for all age groups
  • stainless, stylish, sporty body
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Has LG lithium-ion battery
  • Strong ride with 750 W powerful motor
  • Foldable design


  •  Expensive $1000+
  •  It is a heavy e-bike (57 lbs)
  •  Has a low load capacity of 220 lbs

It is a powerful electric bike with a 750W motor. It is built with high-quality materials. The bike is super, durable, quiet, modern, convenient to use and can bring loads of joy on your way.

DJ Bikes is the first bike shop to qualify the UL 2849 tests. UL is the top safety and quality standard that has been recognized by the industries and consumers in the US and Canada. The bike’s frame, motor, battery pack, and charger all pass the respective UL standards.

It is an all-purpose powerful electric bike built with durable material. The powerful 48V LG battery can be removed and charged anywhere on the go. The safety design of the e-bike prevents it from overcharging.

Primarily, DJ bikes are repairable and serviceable to any repair shop. You can contribute enough to save the environment with this zero-emission DJ Bikes.

6. X-Treme Malibu Elite Max 26” E-Bike

X-Treme Malibu Elite Max 26” E-Bike

  • Equipped with a zero resistant rear hub motor
  • Owns a battery pack consisting of 7 lightweight lithium cells
  • Has a warranty of 12 months
  • Has seven speed gears
  • Removable battery
  • Interestingly, lifetime technical support is offered by the brand 
  • Has a rapid customer service 
  • Available in cool mint blue color
  • Owns a comfortable cushion seat 
  • Available in Black – Baby Blue – Mint Green – Pink colors


  • Not foldable
  • Higher price point

The Malibu Elite Max 36 volt electric bike is a Lithium battery-powered electric bicycle generating 350 watts from the zero resistance rear hub motor. This genuinely hand welded lightweight aluminum frame bicycle has the 7 speed Shimano Tourney Gears and shifting system.

This bicycle has a LED Panel for the Power Assist System (PAS) located on the handlebars. The PAS offers 4-speed options including, Zero (pedal power only), Low, Medium, and High. It can travel 20+ miles per hour for up to 30+ miles on a single charge, and it only takes a maximum of 4 hours to recharge the battery pack.

7. Kemanner 26” Foldable Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26” Foldable Electric Mountain Bike

  • Equipped with double riding modes
  • Equipped with a Germany motor technology 
  • Lightweight bike
  • Foldable bike
  • Owns anti-slip tires 
  • Suitable for rainy and snowy roads 
  • It has a height adjustment feature 
  • Posses a comfortable cushion seat
  • Owns a rear fender and a front fender 
  • Has an anti-out chain wheel
  • Comes with a battery bag
  • It is equipped with a damping fork
  • Has a bright front lamp 
  • Owns the spoke wheels


  • Available only in black color 
  • Kemanner has a poor customer service
  • The bike does not have a registration or a warranty card according to a user 
  • It takes too long to recharge

Kemanner owns double riding modes. Interestingly, it is powered by German technology. This folding bike is equipped with 36V/8AH Lithium battery that can cover 15.5 miles (25 km)  on E-Bike Mode and to 31 miles (50 km) on Assisted Mode. It takes 4-6 hours to charge the battery completely. 

The body of this e-bike is painted with anti-rust paints. Hence, it is free from corrosion. It is assisted with 3-speed meter with 3-speed smart meter button and high carbon steel damping fork. It has 26-inch bead spoke wheels that made with an aluminum alloy and anti-slip wear thick resistant tires. Therefore, it is highly recommended for rainy and snowy weather conditions. 



  • Pedal assist (When pedalling, the motor will provide power to assist the riding)
  • Throttle control
  • Has an LCD display panel
  • Anti-skidding tires
  • Offers 23 mph max speed
  • Strong ride with 500 W motor
  • Removable lithium-ion battery 
  • Offers 2 years warranty
  • Offers 18-33.5 miles long range


  • The height of the handlebar is not adjustable
  • Not a foldable e-bike
  • Heavy e-bike with 55lbs weight

The ECOTRIC fat tire e-bike has the longest two years warranty period. The pedal assist, removable lithium-ion battery, LCD display panel are some compelling reasons to buy this e-bike.

The anti-skidding factor of this e-bike is even the most worth-buying feature to consider while buying your e-bike for terrain surfaces. The enchantment lies in the heavy 20 inch tires of this mountain e-bike for the terrain tracks.

The lithium-ion battery powers the bike. It has a long life span because its capacity does not depreciate with time, unlike other batteries. It takes 5-8 hours to fully charge the battery for powering the motor to cover at least 30 miles before recharging.

Offering a smooth ride on all terrains is the promise of this e-bike. The fat tires and small wheels work together with the lightweight aluminium frame to enhance the bike’s shock absorption capability allowing the rider to enjoy smooth rides on all terrains.

The bike accommodates the riders of height, 5’24” to 6’23” ft, and with a carrying capacity of up to 300lbs. It can even carry goods including groceries or carrying your books. The bike is a good source of training and exercising as well.

The motor automatically kicks in when the speed falls below a certain level allowing your muscles to rest. Thus, preventing muscle cramps that might occur due to straining when pedalling for long distances.

Unfortunately, it comes with a drawback regarding the positioning of a lithium-ion battery. It is placed in such a way that it increases the drag on the bike and minimize its aerodynamic properties when cycling on throttle mode. However, it can easily be solved by covering the battery by a suitable material such that it can be in line with the frame and minimize the drag.

9. ECOTRIC 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


  • Variable speed control
  • Twist throttle
  • Can ride on snow
  • 2 years warranty
  • Foldable design
  • 500 Watt motor


  • Low load capacity
  • Long charge time (6-8 hours)

The impressive performance and versatility of the bike are the unique features of this e-bike. Therefore, to ensure that riders have a thrilling and breathtaking experience it offers the hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist feature, making the riders more active and healthy. 

20-inch anti-skidding tires of ECOTRIC bike are super compatible with snowy roads, sand, and other tough topography. Battery lock and power lock function keep is another aspect of protection offered by this e-bike. 

Unfortunately, it is not a professional mountain bike. Thus, it is recommended to ride on paved mountain roads.

10. NAKTO 26″ Electric Bicycle


  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • 2 working modes
  • 25-30 mph max speed
  • Carbon steel battery 
  • Pas function can save 85% energy while cycling
  • Variable speed control
  • Has an excellent customer service
  • A longer warranty period of one year
  • Equipped with a bright LED headlamp and a horn


  • It is not foldable
  • One of the heaviest e-bikes in our top 20 electric bikes list (76 lbs)

NAKTO is an affordable e-bike, offering you plenty of worth-buying features. This e-bike has a very responsive, and active customer service, offering you the free shipping service, one year warranty of the e-bike along with few of its accessories. It responds to the email of its customers within 24 hours.

Though it’s not a foldable e-bike but has the standard size tires of 26 inch to give you a stable and balanced ride on bumpy roads. PAS(Pedal Assist System) is another remarkable feature of this bike that can save 85% of the energy while riding it.

Even, riding this e-bike at night is super fun, as it is equipped with a bright LED headlamp. Moreover, the loud horn will make the crowd attentive for you.

11. Rattan 26″ Aluminium Electric Mountain Bike


  • Stable aluminium alloy frame
  • Powerful battery tail light
  • 7-speed gear shift system 
  • Spring shock absorber
  • Has a rechargeable phone mount holder 
  • Has ergonomic leather handles
  • 400 lbs high load capacity


  • Not a foldable design
  • Heavy e-bike (52 lbs)

It is made with the stable and well-balanced aluminium alloy frame. The powerful battery tail light makes it worth riding at night time. The 7-speed gear shift system will let you change the speed instantly on rough and smooth terrains.

The aluminium alloy frame forms a rear triangle with an elevated bottom design. The hydroforming technology of the frame makes this e-bike light, stable, and strong. The size of 26-inch tires is designed for paved surfaces.

The attractive bright, energy-saving LED headlight (10 watts) and a battery tail light with four blinking modes are enough to stop the riders by your side. The comfortable leather handles with a built-in sensor ensure the motor stops when you engage the brakes.

Place your smartphone on the rechargeable phone mount holder to keep it in front of your eyes during the entire ride. The Wellgo aluminium alloy pedals might be narrower than you prefer, but they offer a firm grip.

To allow safer movement on riding up or down hilly areas it is equipped with the Shimano TX55 7-Speed 14-34t Freewheel. The bike has an electric horn, a really bright LED headlight for safer night riding, a rear reflector fitted below the seat and reflector bars on the pedals.

The 3.1-inch LCD screen displays the battery status, distance covered in kilometers, pedal-assist level, speed in kilometers per hour, and lighting status. It’s the complete information any rider would ever like to know while riding an electric bike.

This electric commuter bike handles outdoor rides and rough pavement like a pro owing to the IPX4 rating with an advanced rear suspension. For ensuring you stop on time the Swagtron EB-7 is equipped with dual-disc brakes that have special Autoguard technology. It functions by cutting the motor when the brake levers are pulled giving extra-reliable stopping power for a safer ride.

Despite being lightweight it was designed with features that allow it to withstand all conditions and continue to perform impressively for a long period.

12. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7


  • Short charging time of 3-4 hours
  • Has advanced rear suspension
  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery lock with 2 keys
  • The most lightweight electric weighing 37 lbs


  • Does not have a water bottle carrying a bucket
  • Covers only 15.5 miles range

This e-bikes charges in a short period of 3-4 hours. It comes with an adjustable seat for rendering the optimal riding balance and comfortable ride. The 16-inch air filled tires offer stability even on a rough surface.

The coil shock technology with dual-disk brakes offers an incredibly smooth ride with a consistent stopping ability. It is equipped with some extra safety features as well, like an electric horn to alert pedestrians, bright LED headlight for low-light conditions, and rear reflectors for better visibility.

To ride through the bumpy and rough terrain, it is built with high-quality materials.

13. ECOTRIC Aluminium Frame 14” Folding City E-Bike


  • 24 months warranty
  • Lineweight (40 lbs)
  • Foldable design
  • Adjustable seat tube and head tube


  • Low load capacity
  • Small tires (14 inches) might be hard to control for the tall commuters

The Ecotric fat tire e-bike has two years warranty. It is the most extensible warranty period any e-bike can offer to its customers. The anti-skidding tires of this e-bike are even the golden feature to consider while buying your e-bike for road trips.

The adjustable seat tube and head tube is suitable for people 145 to 175 cm tall. Thus, adding another good reason to purchase this e-bike. It also encompasses the pedal assist for replacing the driving anxieties.

14. ANCHEER 26″ Folding Electric Mountain Bike


  • Has a foldable design
  • 3 working modes
  • 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery and 250W stable motor
  • anti-slip resistant thick tire
  • 6 spoke integrated wheel
  • Has a high load capacity of 340 lbs


  • Has a low maximum speed of 15.5 mph
  • It is a heavy e-bike (55 lbs)

The novel foldable design of this e-bike is super lightweight because of the 26″ lightweight magnesium alloy 6 spokes integrated wheel. These wheels offer an anti-slip mechanism and make it capable of riding on the wet and snowy terrain. Lithium battery charges in 4-6 hours while its stable and powerful 250W brushless gear motors offer the long rides.

The contemporary design is undoubtedly suitable for enthusiastic youngsters. The bike can be easily folded, thus, making it compact and portable for easy travelling. It can cover up to 25-50 km with a maximum speed of 25km/h.

15. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike


  • Has 7-speed professional speed settings
  • Has double layer aluminium alloy wheel
  • Has a foldable design
  • 330 lbs high load capacity


  • Users have complained regarding the customer service 
  • 15 mph max speed is not enough for most adults

Despite the 20 inches wheel size of the Ancheer folding electric bike, the riding quality is still manageable. Owing to the double layer aluminium alloy wheel you will frequently enjoy the more stable and comfortable bike ride even on hills and bumpy roads. 

Strong brakes, high-strength shock absorbing system, and 7-speed professional transmission grants all the key features of a premium bike with the added feature of three pedal assist modes.

16. ANCHEER 2019 Pro Mountain Electric Bike


  • Has dual disk brakes
  • It has a shock absorbing system 
  • Bright LED headlights and horn
  • High load capacity (330 lbs)


  • It does not have a foldable design
  • Offers a low max speed (15.5 mph)

ANCHEER Power Plus bike is constructed with premium materials. It is made with an aluminium alloy frame, the front part is made with a high strength carbon steel.

The high-quality brakes are installed in the e-bike for providing full safety to the riders. It is also equipped with the horn and the bright LED headlamp for night riding. It is also equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery for offering the longer riding period to the riders.

It has 2 working models, the E-bike & Assisted bicycle. The E-bike mode is preferable for enjoying long rides and exercise purpose. It has a one year warranty which is a reasonable period for an e-bike.

17. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike



  • Has a standard tire size of 26 inch
  • Has 3-speed smart settings
  • Removable Lithium-ion battery


  • It is not a foldable e-bike
  • The maximum speed of 15-18 mph could be more

Though it’s not a foldable e-bike still, have versatile features to look for. The standard tire size of 26 inches is a good choice for riding on tough terrains.

The 3-speed, smart settings allow changing the speed modes to slow, moderate, and fast. The removable Lithium-ion battery is another good reason to buy this e-bike. The ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat, anti-slip and wear resistant tire makes this e-bike worth buying. It is also equipped with LED headlamp and horn for night riding.

18. NAKTO 26″ City Adult Electric Bicycle


  • Removable lithium battery
  • Has a basket to hold accessories 
  • Comes with 1 tool kit, Warranty card, and a bike lock
  • Throttle and PAS system


  • Does not have a foldable design
  • It is a heavy e-bike (70 lbs)

This e-bike has an adjustable seat. The e-bike is made with long lasting materials,
high-strength carbon steel frame for the shock absorption mechanism. The e-bike equipped with 36V, 10AH removable lithium battery for covering the distance up to 30-45 km with pedal assistance.

It comes with the 1-year warranty along with its accessories as well. The e-bike has all the needed accessories like a basket to hold water bottles, 1 tool kit, 1 Warranty card, 1 Bike Lock, and controller.

19. Rattan Reibok 7 Speed 26″ Electric Mountain Bike Review

Rattan Reibok 7 Speed 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike Review 7

  • 7 Speed Gear Shift System
  • Intelligent power assist system 
  • It can save more than 50% electricity 
  • Owns an ergonomic design 
  • Equipped with disc brakes as they are more reliable
  • Comes with an after sale service and warranty 
  • Has a handle bar on seat for adjustment 
  • Available in grey, green, blue, red, and black-grey color
  • Has a rechargeable phone holder
  • Samsung Brand Lithium battery


  • It does not have a foldable design

The ergonomic design of this electric bike comes with E-bike and Assisted bicycle & Bicycle, 3 cycling modes, adapt to different weather or roads. The tail lights of this e-bike offer additional safety at night time. 

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes of this e-bike provide reliable braking power in different weathers. The non-wearying Shimano 7 gears shifting system allows smooth and effective shift gears for reaching the top speeds.

The bike is also fitted with the pedal assist, ensuring that you never get drained while pedalling. Moreover, the e-bike is made with long lasting materials, high-aluminium frame for the shock increasing the tensile strength of the e-bike. The one year warranty of the e-bike promises to fix all the issues of customers complaints.

20. Swagtron SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Electric Bike


  • Minimum charging time of 3 hours
  • Foldable design
  • Bestseller e-bike on Amazon 
  • Comes pre-assembled,
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat
  • Foldable handlebar/frame/pedals
  • Air-filled tires
  • Water resistant charge port
  • Available in 2 colours


  • Has the lowest speed limit of 14 mph which is not enough for most adult commuters
  • Has a low range of 15.5 miles

The throttle and speed over 15 mph with the EB-5 hybrid brakes, provides energetic punch to last up to 15.5 miles. It is available in 2 colours. This folding electric bike weighs 37 lbs or 16.8 kg. The EB-5 E-Bike is super light to accommodate residents living on the top floors.

It features a triple-fold design, allowing for extreme portability. Moreover, it is the Bestseller e-bike on Amazon. Swagtron arrives pre-assembled once you order it. The air-filled tires and the water-resistant charge port are another considerable reasons to purchase this bike.


A range is the value of the distance an e-bike covers with its battery power. The range values can be doubled if the users opt for pedaling. Elby electric bike has the longest range of 80 miles, which makes it an industry leader. Amazingly, Elby only takes 4 hours to charge and offers this much range with 500W power of the battery. After Elby, Addmotor Motan folding adult electric bike takes pride in covering 40-50 miles with the same power of 500W as of Elby. If you are seeking to cover the 30-40 miles go for DJBIKES Mountain Electric Bike, with 750W, it is optimal for the standard commutes.

In the revolutionary era of advanced technology, we all want the best results in the shortest time. Hence, there are some e-bikes in the list that are charged quickly and give the best rides as well. The story e-bike takes the lead for the shortest charging time. Addmotor Motan Folding Adult Electric Bike is another e-bike which is charged within 3-4 hours. Whereas, ECOTRIC 20 inches new fat tire folding electric bike takes 6-8 hours for powering its battery. The average period to charge the e-bike is 4-6 hours, and there are most of the e-bikes that are charged within this charging time like Ecotric, Aceshin and Ancheer e-bikes are few of them. Now, it entirely depends on the urgency of your working routine, which e-bike to prefer in terms of its charge time.

Once you invest in money for buying the products, the warranty time becomes one of the significant factors to consider. The longer the warranty period, the better the customer response towards the product. There are most of the e-bikes in the list that have the warranty period of 12 months. Amazingly, there are some e-bikes like Elby, ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike, ECOTRIC 20 New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike, Swatron Swagcycle EB-7 and ECOTRIC Aluminium Frame 14-inch Folding City EBike that have the warranty period of two-years. Whereas, SONDORS Fold X Premium Folding Electric Bike, and Super 73 Z1 Electric Motorbike have the shortest warranty period of 3 months.

It is something very obvious higher the price tag better the quality and features of the product. Unfortunately, some products go against this phenomena. DJ bikes electric mountain e-bike has the price range of above $1000, but it’s not a foldable e-bike, is a heavy e-bike with 57 lbs weight, and has 250 lbs load capacity that must be improved. Contrary to it, Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike and the Story ebike are the most expensive e-bike, but it offers the spectacular features one can not ignore.

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