Electric bikes are usually expensive due to the batteries that have been installed in them. However, not everyone has a high budget for an expensive electric bike. Does that mean you can’t buy an electric bike? NO.

The answer is, yes, you can always have an electric bike purchased at a low price but it might have some features missing. However, it will fulfill the basic requirements which are most important for a bike. Consider some of the Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $750 of 2019 in the review below and get yours.

1. NAKTO 26″ 6-Speed Gear Electric Bicycle


  • Removable lithium-ion battery
  • 2 working modes
  • 25-30 mph max speed
  • Carbon steel battery 
  • Pas function can save 85% energy while cycling
  • Variable speed control
  • Has an excellent customer service
  • A longer warranty period of one year
  • Equipped with a bright LED headlamp and a horn


  • It is not foldable
  • One of the heaviest e-bikes in our top 20 electric bikes list (76 lbs)

You’ll surely miss the opportunity if you’ll overlook a bike like this one. Under such an affordable price tag NAKTO is offering you immense features of the best electronic bike.

Primarily, the welcoming customer service of this e-bike is phenomenal. It offers you the free shipping service, one year warranty of the e-bike along with few of its accessories. It responds to the email of its customers within 24 hours.

You can freely enjoy the nature while riding on this e-bike with the maximum speed of 25-30 mph. You even can choose the e-bike to enjoy the long rides up to 28 miles. For long distances, combining two modes of selectable pedal assist or twist the “variable speed throttle”
would be a better choice.

PAS(Padel Assist System) is another remarkable feature of this bike that can save 85% of the energy while riding it.

Even, riding this e-bike will not be an issue at night hours as it is equipped with a bright LED headlamp. Moreover, the loud horn will easily evacuate the crowd for you in a busy market.

2. Kemanner 26” Foldable Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26” Foldable Electric Mountain Bike

  • Equipped with double riding modes
  • Fitted with a Germany motor technology 
  • Lightweight bike
  • Foldable bike
  • Owns anti-slip tires 
  • Suitable for rainy and snowy roads 
  • It has a height adjustment feature 
  • Posses a comfortable cushion seat
  • Owns a rear fender and a front fender 
  • Has an anti-out chain wheel
  • Comes with a battery bag
  • It is equipped with a damping fork
  • Has a bright front lamp 
  • Owns the spoke wheels


  • Available only in black color 
  • Kemanner has a poor customer service (some customer reported)
  • The bike does not have a registration or a warranty card according to a user 
  • It takes too long to recharge

This foldable e-bike comes with dual riding modes. Collapsible bikes are heaven-sent. Credit goes to the foldable feature of such bikes including Kemanner to ease the lives of shopaholics, travelers, and bike riders. Kemanner has even topped the rest of folding bikes as it owns a waterproof and corrosion-resistant body. Hence, making it possible for riders to enjoy varying weathers. 

It is perfect for the riders between n 165-190 cm. It is equipped with a mechanical front and rear disc brake design and a 21-speed Shimano professional transmission system. Interestingly, it has been designed by the Germany motor technology which can cover 25-35 km with a single charge at a maximum speed of 15-21.7mph. German technology gives it a perfect climbing ability.

Most people who love to bike but dislike riding on trails prefer the Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike. With an added premium battery pack, this e-bike offers a considerable boost while paddling and making it tackle those trails you dislike. It is equipped with a double switch feature making it a standard bike. You can also take advantage of the full motor assist, which allows you to enjoy the ride without extra exertion.

It owns a no-fuse design that has an aluminum frame and offers a cycle with much less drag. It is super easy to maneuver, the bike itself weighs around 48lb, so it’s a little on the heavier side. The 26-inch wheels offer a decent ride An added intuitive control panel will let you use the three-speed settings with ease.

3. Aceshin 26” Electric Mountain Bike


  • Has a standard tire size of 26 inch
  • Has 3-speed smart settings
  • Removable Lithium-ion battery


  • It is not a foldable e-bike
  • The maximum speed of 15-18 mph could be more

Though it’s not a foldable e-bike still, have many versatile features to look for. The standard tire size of 26 inches is a good choice for riding on tough terrains.

The 3-speed, smart settings allow changing the speed modes to slow, moderate, and fast. The removable Lithium-ion battery is another good reason to buy this e-bike. 

The ergonomic handlebar, adjustable seat, anti-slip and wear resistant tire makes this e-bike worth buying. It is also equipped with LED headlamp and horn for night riding.

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike


  • Has 7 speed professional speed settings
  • Has double layer aluminum alloy wheel
  • It has a foldable design


  • Users have complained regarding the customer service 
  • 15 mph max speed is not enough for most adults

Despite the 20 inches wheel size of the Ancheer folding electric bike, the riding quality is still manageable.

Strong brakes, high-strength shock absorbing system, and 7-speed professional transmission grants all the key features of a premium bike with the added feature of three pedal assist modes.

Owing to the double layer aluminum alloy wheel you will enjoy the more stable and comfortable bike ride even on hills and bumpy roads.

5. Kemanner 26″ Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

  • Has a smart Lithium battery charger
  • Owns a LED 3-speed smart meter button
  • Have 21-speed settings
  • Has anti-slip tires


  • Does not have a foldable design
  • Does not specify the warranty period

The dual riding modes and foldable design of this e-bike are one of the reasons to be more convenient for the riders. The mechanical front and rear disc brake design offer a great grip on terrain surfaces.

Amazingly, it has a 250W Germany motor technology that can cover up to 25-35 km/h while giving the perfect and comfortable climbing ability. For the faster charging within 4-6 hours, it is equipped with a lithium battery charger.

Aluminum metal is used making it lightweight and durable enough for the riders. Moreover, it has an anti-rust paint bike frame. The wheels are made with aluminum alloy. For making the tires suitable for rainy weather and snowy mountains anti-slip wear material is used.

6. ANCHEER Dolphin Folding Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER AN-EB005 Dolphin Electric Bike

  • Has a foldable design
  • Shorter charging time of 3 hours
  • Cruise control e-bike
  • Has a waterproof design 
  • Comes with a mobile app


  • Has an uncomfortable seat with no padding

The ANCHEER electric bike is a foldable e-bike that weighs 12KG, making it as light as feather to carry up to a flight of stairs. The Lithium-ion battery gives it a speed of 25KM/H and makes it is more than just a commuting vehicle.

It is a waterproof bike so you can ride it in rain without any fear of ruining its body, except the fact you dip it into water yourself.

It can carry the load up to 120kg or 265lbs in no time. The Lithium battery is responsible for reducing its charging time up to a maximum of 3 hours.

It is equipped with an APP controlling system both for android and IOS. The app can control the e-bike on slopes up to less than 10 degrees for 50m length under 160lbs. Moreover, it has a cruise control system that means “ ​Twist the throttle and press the button at the same time to get the certain speed, no need to twist the throttle all the time.”

Interestingly, for the safety and security, the bike can be locked with the help of an APP. Get the APP for iPhones download ANCHEER at Apple Store, and for Android smartphones– Scan QR code in the USER MANUAL.

7. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike


  • Has dual disk brakes
  • It has a shock absorbing system 
  • Bright LED headlights and horn
  • High load capacity (330 lbs)


  • It does not have a foldable design
  • Has a low max speed (15.5 mph)

ANCHEER Power Plus bike is constructed with premium material. It is made with an aluminum alloy frame, the front part is made with a high strength carbon steel.

The high-quality brakes are installed in the e-bike for providing full safety to the riders. It is also equipped with the horn and the bright LED headlamp for night riding. It is also equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery for offering the longer riding period to the riders.

It has 2 working models, the E-bike & Assisted bicycle. The E-bike mode is preferable for enjoying long rides and exercise purpose. It has a one year warranty which is a reasonable time span for an e-bike.

8. NAKTO 26″ City Adult Electric Bicycles


  • Removable lithium battery
  • Has a basket to hold accessories 
  • 1 tool kit
  • 1 Warranty card
  • 1 Bike Lock
  • Controller
  • Throttle and PAS system


  • Does not have a foldable design
  • It is a heavy e-bike (70 lbs)

NAKTO City e-bike has an adjustable seat. The e-bike is made with longlasting materials, high-strength carbon steel frame for the shock absorption mechanism.

City e-bike equipped with 36V, 10AH removable lithium battery for covering the distance up to 30-45 km with pedal assistance.

It comes with the 1-year warranty along with its accessories as well. The e-bike has all the needed accessories like a basket to hold water bottles, a tool kit, warranty card, a bike lock, and controller.

9. Reibok Ebike New City Travel Electric Bicycle

Rattan Reibok 7 Speed 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike Review 1

  • 7 Speed Gear Shift System
  • Intelligent power assist system 
  • It can save more than 50% electricity 
  • Owns an ergonomic design 
  • Equipped with disc brakes as they are more reliable
  • Comes with after-sale service and warranty 
  • Has a handlebar on a seat for adjustment 
  • Available in grey, green, blue, red, and black-grey color
  • Has a rechargeable phone holder
  • Samsung Brand Lithium battery


  • It does not have a foldable design

This electric bicycle is fitted with an I-PAS stable 36V 350W high-speed brushless gear motor. Contrasting with the traditional control system, it saves more than 50% of electric power. Its Samsung Lithium-Ion Battery can cover 40-50 miles (E-Bike Mode) to 70-80 miles (Assisted Mode) while ridding under ideal conditions.    

It’s optimized for city traveling purposes. Reibok is a 7-speed adult-sized e-bike with a 350 watts pedal-assist system. If driving to work bores you or you need a cheap mode of transport that is safe, buy this bike. 

The ergonomic design of this electric bike comes with E-bike and Assisted bicycle & Bicycle, three cycling modes, adapt to different weather or roads. The taillights of this e-bike offer additional safety at night time. 

The front and rear mechanical disc brakes of this e-bike provide reliable braking power in different weathers. The non-wearying Shimano 7 gears shifting system allows smooth and effective shift gears for reaching the top speeds.

The bike is also fitted with the pedal assist, ensuring that you never get drained while pedaling. Moreover, the e-bike is made with long-lasting materials, a high-aluminum frame for the shock increasing the tensile strength of the e-bike. The one year warranty of the e-bike promises to fix all the issues of customer’s complaints. 

Reibok is a high-quality 26-inch e-bike for adults that lasts for years. If you care for it well, the risk of it collapsing down in months is pretty low. Its dual-walled aluminum wheels have wear-resistant rubber tires that work well on all terrains. Its steel shocks offer excellent shock absorption, while it’s aluminum alloy frame is light, durable, and positions the body comfortably.

If you drift on short trips to the mall, use this bicycle. Its Eco-friendly design does not damage the ozone layer nor pollutes the environment. And, its price did justice with the features it is offering to its riders.

10. ANCHEER Power Plus Folding Electric Mountain Bike


  • It has a foldable design
  • 3 working modes
  • 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery and 250W stable motor
  • anti-slip resistant thick tire
  • 6 spoke integrated wheel
  • Has a high load capacity of 340 lbs


  • Has a low maximum speed of 15.5 mph
  • It is a heavy e-bike (55 lbs)

The uniquely designed foldable e-bike is super lightweight because of the 26″ super lightweight magnesium alloy 6 spokes integrated wheel. These wheels offer an anti-slip mechanism and makes it capable of riding on the wet and snowy terrain.

The design is stylish and colorful making it suitable for the energetic youngsters. The bike can easily be folded and fixed into the cars before going to camping or traveling. It can cover up to 25-50 km with a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Lithium battery charges in 4-6 hours while its stable and powerful 250W brushless gear motors offer the long rides.


It is always the cost of quality which burdens the pockets, but if you are on a tight budget, you can purchase a cheap electric bike which covers your needs. For example, the 2 Nakto and the Swagtron EB-7 e-bikes offer such features which can include the needs and requirements of the most.

The longest warranty is a very good idea to take the customers in confidence. The most stretched warranty period of e-bikes is 2-years. Unfortunately, in the list, there is no e-bike under 750 that is offering this much of warranty period. In fact, the one-year average warranty is offered by most of the e-bikes and the minimum warranty of 3-months is offered by the Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

On the other hand, the maximum range is offered by the Nakto e-bike while the shortest range is covered by the Ancheer AN-EB005 Dolphin Electric Bike which is not fair enough under $750.

Coming down to the main point, the Best Cheap Electric Bikes Under $750 of 2019 is a list of some of the top-notch bikes of 2019. If you are also interested in having one, then you should choose the one which suits your requirements and gets it from amazon.com at a low price.