Having a normal electric bike can be good for day to day commuting purposes. it allows you to easily pedal a bit while the motor also provides the rider with some sort of power. With that being said, electric bikes are of a good use to the rider who needs to use it every day for travelling. However, it is best for those who want to have race on a rugged terrain.

The main reason for this is that everyday users can easily pedal on their own, but the real problem is for riders who are going uphill or on a rugged terrain because that is the time when pedaling is the most difficult. There are several amazing electric bikes which have been mentioned in the review below of the Top 10 Electric Mountain Bikes of 2019.

1. DJBIKES Mountain Electric Bike


  • Stainless aluminum frame
  • LG battery
  • Has a maximum speed of 25 mph
  • Covers the maximum distance of 30-40 miles
  • Highest power range of 750W
  • Covers maximum 30-40 miles


  • Not a foldable e-bike
  • Heavy e-bike with 57 lbs weight
  • Has 250 lbs load capacity. It can be improved
  • Expensive ($1000+)

DJ Mountain Bike is built with high-quality and durable material. The bike is powerful, quiet, and easy enough to use on rough surfaces.

The remarkable features of the DJBIKES mountain electric bike makes this a legendary mountain bike. This owns an integrated front headlight and suspension to absorb shocks.

Whether you are a traveler, casual rider or sports fan, this is the bike built for everyone. The powerful 48 V LG battery makes it an outstanding and durable e-bike in terms of its battery life. It can be charged anywhere on the go. The charger has a safety design to prevent overcharging.

Though it’s not a foldable electric bike, it can cover the maximum distance of 30-40 miles with the highest power of 750W. Thus, the battery life makes it capable of riding the e-bike on steep hills.

2. Addmotor Motan Folding Adult Electric Bike


  • Charges within 3-4 hours
  • Has the highest speed of 23 mph
  • One year warranty
  • Covers the maximum range of 40-50 miles
  • Available in 4 colours
  • Offers 300 lbs load capacity
  • Has rear luggage rack
  • Has stable suspensions
  • Has a foldable design


  • Expensive bike ($1000+)
  • Heaviest e-bike (78 lbs)

This bike is available in four different rocking colors, orange, matte black, blue, and green.

Motan M150 is the flawless all-rounder e-bike to delight your mountain ride. This bike has a powerful 500 Watt motor. The long-lasting Samsung Battery makes sure you enjoy to the fullest.

Regardless of your work type, many uneven undergrounds are not a big deal for the M150. It is even welcoming for the annual holidays. Addmotor best-fits for summer and winter. It can be ridden in snow in winter or on the sand on the beach.

The Motan M150 beats them all in the list. Hence, it is the second best in the list of electric mountain bikes. Once you ride on this bike you never want to have another one.

3. DJ Folding Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle


  • One year warranty
  • Meant for all age groups
  • Stainless, stylish, sporty body
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Has LG lithium-ion battery
  • Long (25-37 miles) and strong  ride with 750 W powerful motor
  • Foldable design
  • Has LG Li-Ion battery
  • Comes with front rear cargo racks


  • Expensive $1000+
  •  It is a heavy e-bike (57 lbs)
  •  Has a low load capacity of 220 lbs

DJ Folding Bike the powerful electric bike with a 750W motor. It is built with high-quality materials. The bike is super, durable, quiet, modern, convenient to use and can bring loads of joy on your way.

Kenda All-purpose 20 inch tires are compatible and tough enough to deal with the undulated and bumpy roads. Moreover, its removable 48V LG battery can be charged anywhere with a safety design to prevent overcharge.

Primarily, DJ bikes are repairable and serviceable to any repair shop. You can contribute enough to save the environment with this zero-emission DJ Bikes.

4. SONDORS Fold X Premium Folding Electric Bike


  • All-terrain tires 
  • 500 W strong motor
  • Long range (20-40 miles) 
  • 300 lbs load capacity
  • Foldable design


  • A short warranty period of 3 months only
  • Heavy one (55 lbs)
  • Expensive ($1000+ price tag)

This marvelous high-quality electric bike is wonder magic in its style, design, and durability. 

You can enjoy both the city living and off-road adventures with this e-bike. 

The lightweight aluminum frame of this electric bike is super easy to and flexible to allow freedom of movement. It is created with astounding and strategic techniques to gain the confidence of its riders.

Enjoy the full-electric power with a simple press of a thumb throttle. It owns the option of minimal-effort cycling with electric pedal assist. With such mesmerizing features, you can travel to far places without getting tired.

SONDORS Premium Electric Bikes claim that they are, “designed and engineered from the ground up to be the most exhilarating, attention-grabbing, affordable electric bikes available. Due to our unique manufacturing process that includes the meticulous fabrication of premium.” 

The high-quality components, coupled with strenuous product testing, SONDORS riders experience the most unparalleled quality and performance provided in a single e-bike like this one.

This electric bike will give an experience of being a juvenile once again, but with the magical ride.

5. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike


  • Pedal assist (When pedalling, the motor will provide power to assist the riding)
  • Throttle control
  • Has an LCD display panel
  • Anti-skidding tires
  • Offers 23 mph max speed
  • Strong ride with 500 W motor
  • Removable lithium-ion battery 
  • Offers 2 years warranty
  • Offers 18-33.5 miles long range


  • The height of the handlebar is not adjustable
  • Not a foldable e-bike
  • Heavy e-bike with 55 lbs weight

The ECOTRIC fat tire e-bike has the longest two years warranty period. 

The pedal assist is another compelling reason to buy this e-bike. The removable lithium-ion battery even makes it the best to purchase for the hill rides. 

The anti-skidding factor of this e-bike is even the most worth-buying feature to consider while buying your e-bike for terrain surfaces. The enchantment lies in the heavy 20 inch tires of this mountain e-bike for the terrain tracks.

6. ECOTRIC 20″ New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


  • Variable speed control
  • Twist throttle
  • Can ride on snow
  • 2 years warranty
  • Foldable design
  • 500 Watt motor


  • Low load capacity (220 lbs)
  • Long charge time (6-8 hours)
  • Heavy weighening (55 lbs)

Forget about the jam-packed traffic when ECOTRIC 20 inch e-bike is here to serve its riders.

The hybrid cycling, pedal assist or walk assist feature of this e-bike will kick off the lazy routine of its riders, making them more active and healthy.

20-inch anti-skidding tires of ECOTRIC bike are super compatible with snowy roads, sand, and other tough topography. Battery lock and power lock function keep is another aspect of protection offered by this e-bike.

Unfortunately, it is not a professional mountain bike. Thus, it is recommended to ride on paved mountain roads.

7. Rattan 26″ Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike


Stable aluminium alloy frame
Powerful battery tail light
7-speed gear shift system
Spring shock absorber
Has a rechargeable phone mount holder
Has ergonomic leather handles
330 lbs high load capacity
24 months long warranty period
25-30 miles range


  • Not a foldable design
  • Heavy e-bike (52 lbs)

Rattan 26 Inch Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike is offering 2-years warranty, that is a golden perk for buying an e-bike like this one.

The stable and well-balanced aluminum alloy frame take cares about the stability of the e-bike ride. The powerful battery tail light makes it possible to ride in a dense night. The 7-speed gear shift system will let you change the speed instantly on rough and smooth terrains.

The spring shock absorbers are here to offer a smooth ride on bumpy roads. The rechargeable phone mount holder and the ergonomic leather handles are the mindblowing features of this e-bike

8. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike


  • Has dual disk brakes
  • It has a shock absorbing system 
  • Bright LED headlights and horn
  • High load capacity (330 lbs)


  • It does not have a foldable design
  • Has a low max speed (15.5 mph)

Manufacturing of ANCHEER Power Plus done with premium material. The aluminum alloy frame and the high strength carbon steel front part is a stroke of good luck for its riders.

The powerful braking mechanism provides full safety and confidence to the riders. It is also equipped with the horn and the bright LED headlamp for night riding. It is encompasses a removable lithium-ion battery for offering the longer riding period to the riders.

The 2 working models of ANCHER, the E-bike & Assisted bicycle are the best combination of technology and ergonomy. The E-bike mode is preferable for enjoying long rides and exercise purpose. It has a one year warranty which is a reasonable time span for an e-bike.

9. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike


  • It has a foldable design
  • 3 working modes
  • Has Lithium-Ion battery
  • anti-slip resistant thick tire
  • 6 spoke integrated wheel
  • Has the highest load capacity of 340 lbs
  • Folds


  • Has a low maximum speed of 15.5 mph
  • It is a heavy e-bike (55 lbs)
  • Only 3 months warranty period

The 26″ super lightweight magnesium alloy 6 spokes integrated wheel makes this e-bike a lightweight vehicle to ride on. The wheels offer an anti-slip mechanism, making it capable of riding on the wet and snowy surface.

The design is stylish, colorful, and attractive for the energetic youngsters. The bike can be easily folded and fixed into the cars before going camping or traveling.

Lithium battery charges in 4-6 hours. Its stable and powerful 250W brushless gear motors offer the long rides up to 15-30 miles with 15.5mph.

10. Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike

  • Has a smart Lithium battery charger
  • Owns a LED 3-speed smart meter button
  • Have 21-speed settings
  • 330 lbs high load capacity
  • has anti-slip tires


  • Does not have a foldable design
  • Does not specify the warranty period
  • It is the lowest power e-bike (250 W motor)
  • Covers only 16 miles

The two riding modes and foldable design of this e-bike make the ride super convenient, comfortable, and easy for its riders. The mechanical front and rear disc brake design offers a great grip on terrain surfaces.

The 250W Germany motor technology of this e-bike covers 25-35km/h. Hence, it offers a smooth and confident climbing ability.

It charges within 4-6hours, and it is equipped with a lithium battery charger to prevent excessive discharge. The anti-rust paint bike frame and aluminum metal body is a flawless combination for the design of the e-bike. The wheels are made with aluminum alloy. Moreover, for riding in rainy weather and snowy mountains anti-slip wear material is used.


The motor power is the most significant feature to consider for buying the mountain e-bikes. The powerful motor ensures the e-bike can climb on the sturdy and tough terrains. The maximum power of the motor in the chosen list is 750W followed by Djbikes Mountain Electric Bike and DJ Folding Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle. Contrary to that the minimum power of the motor is 250W and the Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike, and Kemanner 26 inch Electric Mountain Bike own the minimum power watt motor. While the rest of the e-bikes in the list follows the average power motor of 350W and 500W.

For taking the customers in confidence warranty is one of the key aspects. The more extended the warranty of products like an e-bike, the better the customer response will be towards the product. Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike and Ecotric 20 New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike in the list has the longest warranty period of two-years. Whereas, Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike, Djbikes Mountain Electric Bike, Addmotor Motan Folding Adult Electric Bike, and DJ Folding Bike 750W Power Electric Bicycle has the warranty period of one year. The shortest warranty period is three-months followed by Sondors Fold X Premium Folding Electric Bike and Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

The weight e-bikes can carry while riding is known as the load capacity. It’s acceptable to opt those mountain e-bikes that can even carry the average or minimum load. The average load capacity of mountain e-bikes is 300-330 lbs while the minimum load capacity is 220-265lbs. Sondors Fold X Premium Folding Electric Bike, Rattan 26 inch Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike and Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike can bare the maximum load capacity. Whereas, Djbikes Mountain Electric Bike follows the average load capacity. 

There are different types of electric mountain bikes, but the best ones are mentioned above. There are some amazing and useful features of these bikes which have been mentioned. Consider these bikes based on their price and other features and make your decision from the Top 10 Electric Mountain Bikes of 2019. We hope that you have a great experience with these bikes. Get them from amazon.com right away.