Before buying a kid’s E-bike, you must know that there are a lot of things to check out and be absolutely sure of. First, making the decision to get your kid an E-bike is a very big one. The stake is a lot higher with E-bike not just because they cost more, but it takes a lot more to handle than a regular bike. Here are some tips to put into consideration before buying an E-bike for your child.

Does size matter?

Of course, size matter when choosing an E-bike for kids. In fact, this is one of the most important things to consider when picking a bike for your kid. While the financial genius in you might want to pick a bike that your kid will grow into so that you won’t need to buy a bike again next Christmas, you must also note that your kid must be as comfortable as possible on any bike you buy. So you shouldn’t push things too far.

before buying a kid’s E-bike

E-bikes go fast, are they safe for my kid?

So you have heard from a friend about how fast E-bikes go and you are concerned about your child’s safety. To allay your fears, you should know that E-bikes can go fast, but will only go fast to a certain point. For one, the highest speed of a regular electronic bike usually falls in the range of 20-28 mph. but if you understand how they work, it might make you feel more comfortable.

E-bikes don’t automatically go fast, instead their speed depends to a large extent on the rider. It provides a boost to the rider’s pedaling and nothing more. So how fast the bike will go still depends to on your child’s pedaling speed. But to be on the safer side always check for the speed limit on the E-bike you are going for and probably ask for lesser one if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Weight matters

If there is any serious factor to consider before buying an E-bike, it is actually its weight. With all the extra fixtures, it comes as no surprise that an E-bike weighs a lot more than a regular bike. Which means you have to factor that in when buying one for your kid. It will not be advisable to get it for a little kid that can’t handle the weight. Of course, your kid won’t have to carry the bike as long as there is enough juice in it, so the weight shouldn’t be a bother as long as it doesn’t run out of battery power.

Will your kid be able to maintain an e-bike?

Your kid should be able to handle an e-bike’s simple maintenance like routine cleaning. Of course, you don’t expect your child to handle the more complex ones like battery maintenance, or taking care of the motor and so one. You might have to step in and help with all that. But otherwise maintaining the bike should be very easy.

How far will an e-bike go on a single charge?

In biking language this is called the “range” and it is one of the most common questions people ask about e-bikes. How much range you get on your kid’s e-bike depends largely on the type of bike you buy since battery power varies from one bike to the other. While this information is usually made available by the manufacturer, you have to know that the value quoted might increase or reduce based on riding conditions. Which means you have to put terrain, wind conditions and other factors into consideration while calculating the bike range.

 Always take quality over appearance:

When shopping for an electric bike for your kid, you should always keep in mind that you are shopping for a means of transportation rather than a toy. Therefore, your target should not be how fancy your kid’s E-bike looks. Do a thorough check of all the important parts and make sure the bike has them all and in good condition before making the final decision to buy.

These are a few of the essential things to consider before buying a kid’s electric bike. If you have more please comment below..