There are a lot of things to consider before buying an E-bike. For one because it costs a lot more than the regular bike you need to be absolutely sure that it is really what you want before you go for it. E-bikes are not just fancy electric bikes, they ease your riding by providing you with more climb efficiency, better range, and wind resistance. Also, because they are able to go faster, you get to save time too. Here are some tips to consider before going for an E-bike.


You don’t just go for an electric bike simply because you can afford one. An electric bike serves a specific purpose for certain people. It is particularly useful for those who live on a hilly terrain, places with strong winds or places with high temperatures where cycling rigorously will easily burn you out.

E-bike is also particularly suitable for people who are suffering from asthma, elderly citizens or those who suffer from joint pain. An E-bike offers a little bit of electrical boost you need to make cycling a bit easier than with regular bikes.

before buying an E-bike


As you already know, E-bikes cost more than regular bikes. How much the bike will cost will depend on a number of factors such as its weight, mile range, speed among other features. The cheapest E-bikes you can find on the market should cost around $1000 but experts recommend that you do for nothing less than $1500 if you want a fairly good purchase at the lowest cost possible.

Top quality bikes cost around $4000 and above. If you can afford premium quality bikes, then you can go for the professional E-bikes with several extra-smart features. The price for these ones starts from a range of $7000 and above. But you should never let the price scare you away from getting an e-bike if you really want it. it saves you a lot of money in the long run.


So you must have heard it over and over again that E-bikes can go really fast and the rumors are true. E-bikes do go fast. But don’t be fooled into thinking that getting an e-bike will help you to jackhammer down the road at a neck breaking speed. It doesn’t work that way. It’s still a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

The principle is simple. The harder you pedal your bike, the faster you go as a result of the boost the motor gives you. But the motor in most bikes is designed to stop propelling you faster once you reach a speed of 20 to 28 mph. This top speed varies from bike to bike though. You will definitely be able to save more time with an E-bike, but it’s not unlimited speed.


Your E-bike’s motor is powered by a battery which means you have to charge it regularly. It also means the battery power should be one of the most important things to consider before making your final decision to buy.

Usually, the more expensive the bike is, the more you get out of the battery. It’s not a bad idea to look out for reputable names like Sony, Panasonic or Samsung. This way you can be more confident about your battery power. On the average, you should get between 35 miles to 100 miles from your battery depending on the bike


This is another important thing to look out for when picking an E-bike. Usually, there are two types to pick from. Your bike is either crank motor-assisted or hub motor assisted.

The crank assisted E-bike is better suited for use in a hilly terrain. But on the downside, they are a bit noisy. The more silent hub assisted type don’t perform so well when climbing hills. In essence, you should put your cycling route into consideration before picking out the bike.


Much more than what online reviews can tell you about a bike, testing it out yourself is the best way to really be sure it’s worth your money wherever possible. Take the bike out for a spin and see if it performs as great as it was advertised.

No check is too rigorous when it comes to finding the perfect bike for you. Considering how much you will be dropping for one, you should leave nothing to chance and leave check carefully before buying an E-bike.