Do you have the need for speed? If you’re considering a new bike, you might be wondering: how fast do electric bikes go? In this article, we’ll take up the top and average speed for e-bikes.


This issue is related to the top wattages allowed in your particular country. For example, e-bike motors in the EU can have a maximum power of 250 watts, which results in a top speed of 25 km/h.

The situation is different in the US. The maximum power for electric bikes there is 2x as high as Europe at 500 watts. They can also travel up to 20 miles per hour (mph) 32 km/h).

In fact, you can also find “pedelecs” with a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), which is about one-third faster than the fastest e-bike in the US.

There’s also a caveat. The maximum speed limitation is based on the fastest speed the motor can power the bike. You can actually go faster if you pedal after the bike reaches that speed. If you want to stop pedaling, you can still keep rolling at the max. support level.


In different, these bikes have a certain maximum motor power and maximum speed. In the US this is defined by bikes with motors of a max. power of 750 watts and max. speed of 20 mph/32km/hr. What does this mean in terms of riding? You can typically ride these bikes anywhere you can ride old-school bikes. That includes bike trails, streets, and sometimes even sidewalks.


These bikes offer 500-watt motors. These bikes have a mode known as “off-road only.” In other words, these bikes can reach higher speeds like 25 mph or faster if you pedal while riding your e-bike.

Keep in mind you can only ride these bikes in certain areas with outdoor terrain. Before you start zipping around at 25 mph make sure to learn about the speed limits at parks, campgrounds, etc.


If you have the know-how, you can modify your e-bike to ride as fast as 40 mph. However, it’s generally recommended not to travel at this speed since it can cause safety and even legal issues.


The biggest trade-off of faster speeds is faster battery drain. This is especially true when you cruise at high speeds without pedaling.

You have a few options to offset battery drain due to faster speeds. You could carry a spare battery with you. Another option is an extended-range battery that livers around 50% more power.


The average speed depends various factors. Here are some of them:


The bike’s distance is partly based on whether you travel short or long distances. A standard e-bike could average around 25 mph for long distances.

However, this would require a high gear inch ratio and rider input. These factors can you reach the average sustained cadence of the bike. On the other hand, only a super athlete could reach these speeds without the help of a motor.


Let’s say you want to achieve an average speed of 25 mph during your trip. This figure is quite high, so you’ll need enough help from the bike. That includes a big amp hour capacity/speed. Other factors include rider effort and wind.

The average speed can greatly be affected by these factors. If you’re pedaling against the wind or hardly pedaling these factors will both make it tougher to maintain 25 mph during your trek.


While the e-bike’s average speed is critical, you should also factor in the distance you’re traveling. A higher speed/distance will require more energy. That, in turn, will affect how far you can travel even if you’re able to maintain a high speed.

A related issue is if you do more pedaling that will require less motor drain and thus make it easier to travel long distances.


Finally, the e-bike’s average speed is greatly based on the unit you’re riding. If you pick a super-powered bike, then it will obviously be easier to maintain higher average speeds. If you’re pedaling, that’s definitely the case.

With the “right” electric bike you can reach an average of 25 mph. If you’re riding downhill, you can reach even higher speeds, but that’s all about gravity instead of a powerful motor.

We hope this answers your question about How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go. Each bike has it’s own set of characteristics and of course, it depends on how fast you can peddle!!

Happy E-Biking!